How to taste Rosscamà

RosScamà is particularly suited both as a drink with your appetizers, and as revitalising digestif at the end of a meal, either on its own or accompanied by local food products.

It is possible to serve it at different temperatures, in order to enhance its various olfactory and   taste-olfactory characteristics. Nevertheless, it can be appreciated at its best when 6 cl of wine are served at a temperature of 6/8 °C, in glasses with a large body and a long stem, so not to alter the product with human body temperature.

Because of its alcoholic strength, it is advised not to rotate the wine in the glass, in order to avoid an excessive enhancing of the alcohol content


Pairings, aperitif e digestif serving

When served cool, RosScamà can be perfectly paired with biscuits, nougat or yeast-based food. Excellent with chocolate, it can also be accompanied by fruit salads and fruit tarts. You can pour some drops on tonka-beans-flavoured or vanilla-flavoured ice-cream, to enhance flavours and increase pleasantness.

If you want to drink it as an aperitif, we advise to serve RosScamà cool, with the addition of some orange peel, to exalt its citrusy notes. When warmed up in bain-marie it becomes a perfect revitalising digestif.



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