A bouquet of flavours never tasted before: RosScamà.


The ancient recipe of a liqueur based on red wine and “graspa” was found in an old farmhouse in Illasi.

An ancient tradition of the Venetian countryside was fortifying wine with grape marc spirit, called grappa, blending two local products, adding the latter in different proportions according to personal taste. Moreover, various spices or herbal infusions were added to contribute to the body of the wine.

A new way of tasting and enjoying the fruits of the Venetian land, thanks to this liqueur, which is both traditional and innovative.

A new alcoholic beverage that blends the velvety and refined taste of Amarone wine with the power and strength of Grappa, merged together according to an ancient and secret recipe which exalts the uniqueness of this union, old and new at the same time.



RosScamà liqueur

“Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG” Wine (51%)
Grape marc spirit (17%)
ALMONDS alcoholic infusion
Herbal alcoholic infusions
Black cherry juice (black cherry juice and e acacia honey)
Brown sugar
Bitter (water, alcohol, natural flavourings, sugar).

Keep in a cold and dry place
25% vol.

a unique wine, structured and mellow

Amarone della Valpolicella is a dry red wine made from raisined grapes and produced exclusively in Valpolicella, in five specific production areas: Valpolicella classica; Valpantena; Val Tramigna; Val d’Illasi; Val di Mezzane.

The toponym “Valpolicella” derives from Latin and, more precisely, from the wording  “vallis polis cellae”, which means “the valley with many wine-cellars”, and this speaks volumes about the local wine production traditions, which date back over thousands of years.

Amarone: history and fun facts

Fermented grape marc spirit

Grappa is a grape marc spirit made exclusively from grapes produced, vinified and distilled in Italy.

Its name is very likely to derive from the term “graspa”, with which grappa is referred to in Veneto and in some areas of the nearby regions where Venetian dialect is also spoken. “Graspa” derives from “graspo” which, in Venetian dialect, means “vine branch”.

Grappa: history and fun facts

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