Only Twenty Thousand bottles a year, not one more!


It is produced solely in small batches of 96 or 192 litres and only in the period between September and May.

From the blending of the ingredients to the bottling,
every step of production is wisely
carried out and attended to by skilful hands,
paying attention to every single detail
while fully respecting the tradition of Venetian master vintners.

Each bottle
is a rare privilege,
a unique and
numbered product.

Each bottle captures the history
and the inimitable flavours
of a privileged land:
the land of the Illasi Valley,
the land of Verona,
the ancient city of Romeo and Juliet.

RosScamà is a unique product,
every detail is taken care of:
each bottle is numbered by hand.



In the glass RosScamà appears of an intense and bright ruby-red colour, with garnets tints, faithfully maintaining the typical characteristics of the Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Wine.

The fruity aromas are the first ones to be perceived: cherries, pickled marasca cherries, citron fruit and cloves are the notes that emerge first.

After a few minutes in the glass, warming up, the fruit gives way to floral notes, as blended violet, rosehip and camomile. The ethereal part coming from the alcohol completes this aroma spectrum, which is one of extreme complexity, intensity and fine quality.

This product is seductive to the taste.


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