A craft winery, for an inimitable product.


GreytPigeon is a new small winery in Illasi, Verona.

In 2015 we decided to rediscover and revive an ancient recipe, which had been used by the master vintners of the Illasi Valley to fortify wine, by blending it with local grape marc spirit, called Grappa.

GreytPigeon has chosen the best wine of its land, the refined and renowned Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG, has selected the best Grappas of the Verona area and blended them in an ancient union, which has been revived thanks to a wise use of essences and natural flavourings, so to create RosScamà, the first dithyrambic liqueur.

The priority of GreytPigeon is to pursue the production of a high quality product.

RosScamà is obtained through a completely manual and artisanal process, based on the skilful use of high-quality raw materials.

GreytPigeon has decided to limit the production to 20,000 bottles a year, to always ensure and guarantee for each bottle an experience of unique and exclusive quality.


GreytPigeon produces directly and exclusively inside its winery in Illasi, Verona.

Every year we chose and select the best raw materials, coming from a restricted area, bordering with the “Piccole Dolomiti” mountains to the North, with Lake Garda to the West, with the farthest hills of Verona to the East, and with the river Adige to the south.
Spices and flavourings come from faraway lands.


GreytPigeon srl
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