What is RosScamà?

RosScamà is more than a new liqueur: it is the first of a new category of liqueurs.

RosScamà is the first Dithyrambic liqueur, with a Noble, Elegant and somewhat Intriguing character.

RosScamà is not vermouth, RosScamà is something different, perhaps something more than ordinary vermouth.

RosScamà is made exclusively with first quality, refined ingredients, especially sought and rigorously selected, and it is produced in a limited edition, using a completely natural and exclusively manual process.

The result is RosScamà: a new, refined liqueur, the new classy alternative to traditional vermouth.

Try RosScamà in the most popular cocktails, instead of ordinary red dry vermouth, or on its own, cool, with some orange peel. Perhaps you will find that RosScamà is something more than ordinary vermouth.


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