RosScamà, an ode to Joy and Life!


RosScamà is the first, unique, inimitable Dithyrambic liqueur.

The dithyramb (Ancient Greek: διθύραμβος, dithýrambos) was an ancient Greek hymn sung in honour of Dionysus, the god of wine and inebriation.

Italian literature, a dithyramb is a playful hymn dealing with wine and the joys of conviviality. The most famous Italian dithyramb is  “Bacco in Toscana” (“Bacchus in Tuscany”) by Francesco Redi, published in 1685.

An ode to Joy
an ode to Life.

RosScamà reminds us of a dithyramb because, as that hymn, it is meant to celebrate the god Bacchus.

As a matter of fact, RosScamà is the liqueur that exalts the refined Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG wine and, as a dithyramb, is meant to be a playful creation made with precious ingredients, to celebrate Wine and Conviviality.


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