The products of excellence of an inimitable and superb land.


RosScamà, the first Italian
dithyrambic liqueur,
is produced only here.
The liqueur of Verona,
Real Venetian Soul.

Where the Alps meet
the Po valley and Lake Garda;
where gentle rolling hills harbour vineyards and castles;
dove si produce il nobile
where the refined Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG wine
and the exclusive Grappa are produced;
where thousands of years of history have shaped
the capital of Love,
the homeland of Romeo and Juliet.

Rosscamà captures the history of Verona and of its ancient traditions.

Since Ancient Rome, the wines of Valpolicella, celebrated by Catullo, have been flowing through these lands.

RosScamà is the fruit of the Soul of Verona, an ancient and magical city, the city of art and Love, celebrated by Shakespeare who assigned it the role of capital of Love and of lovers, thanks to his heart-breaking love story of Romeo and Juliet.

The grapes from which Amarone wine and the best Grappa get their body and aroma, ripen here, in Illasi.

Valpolicella stretches from Lake Garda to Illasi, its most Eastern area, passing through the city of Verona. RosScamà is the most genuine expression of Illasi, a stunning strip of land. The Illasi Valley is charming, with gentle rolling hills where agriculture is still the activity that moulds the landscape, with its olive groves and vineyards overlooked by the ancient castle, which has dominated the valley for over one thousand years.

RosScamà has taken shape and body in this place. It is a liqueur that exalts and gives new life to its precious ingredients, with a flavour that is new and ancient at the same time.

Rosscamà means Real Venetian Soul.

RosScamà captures also the history of its strongest spirit, the grape marc spirit called Grappa, which has been celebrated in Veneto since 1300 AD, when Venice dominated these lands and exported Grappa, used as a remedy against the plague and gout, both to the North of Europe and to the East.

A new way of tasting and enjoying the fruits of the Venetian land, instilled in this liqueur, which is traditional and innovative at the same time.


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