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More than
a great Wine
More than
a great Spirit

when the Amarone tradition
meets the passion for distilling
in the perfect Venetian style.”
Marco Scandogliero, Sommelier (A.I.S)

Rosscama Icona

RosScamà is the precious result
of the blend of refined ingredients.
RosScamà is a unique,
exclusive and inimitable product.

Each bottle is produced manually:
no automated machinery is used
in the production,
each phase is carried out by people,
who follow and supervise every step of production.

Limited production

is the liqueur which exalts
the refined Amarone
della Valpolicella DOCG
and, as a dithyramb,
is meant to be a playful creation
made with precious ingredients,
to celebrate Wine and Conviviality,
as an ode to Joy and Life.

An ode to life

RosScamà combines two products
of excellence of the Verona area:
the refined Amarone della Valpolicella Wine
and Grappa, the local grape marc spirit.
To these main ingredients
we add some precious flavourings,
to give life to a unique and unmistakable taste.

It all started when
an ancient recipe was found
inside an old farmhouse in Illasi…

The original recipe

RosScamà merges in its flavour
the products of excellence of a superb land,
nestled between the Alps,
Lake Garda, Verona,
the river Adige and the Illasi valley

The traditions and the flavours
of this land with thousands of years of history
are captured in its full bodied and inimitable taste.

A land to discover

GreytPigeon produces
directly and exclusively
inside its winery in Illasi, Verona,
carrying out the whole
winemaking process of RosScamà.

Every year GreytPigeon
chooses and selects
the best raw materials.

About us
Degustazione e abbinamenti

Be seduced by RosScamà, as an aperitif or as a revitalising digestif at the end of a meal, either on its own with the addition of some orange peel or accompanied by local food products, biscuits, nougat or home-made yeast-based food.


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